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"lightroom 4"

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Should you upgrade from LR3 to LR4? The new Lightroom 4 is full of bugs and slower than LR3. It does have promise new functionality in the sliders and also new modules. But until they address the bugs and performance issues I would wait. Also not a word from ADOBE on the issues raised in the forums on their site. This product is more like a beta version than a full release. I am going to wait to switch to LR4. I like LR3 over this package. Save your money until it is fixed.

  • Functionality in the sliders and performance of the photo edits is an improvement. There are two new modules, map and book. These turn out to be a good addition if they only where not full of bugs.
  • Buggy, poor performance, and functions which worked in LR3 do not work the same under LR4.

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12 Mar 2012

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