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Manage and edit your photo workflows

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the most popular image editing and organization programs. The Android version of the software comes loaded with features, allowing you to edit images easily with your smartphone. Compared to the desktop version, it lacks a few functionalities, such as plug-in capability, printing, and certain workflow features. However, it’s still a good choice for organizing and editing images on the go.

With Adobe Lightroom, you can conveniently edit, share, and organize image files. When you use this tool on Android, you’re able to perform a range of tasks quickly, without having to carry or turn on your laptop. Backed by the IT giant Adobe, the tool comes with advanced features, such as sync control, gesture control, etc. This makes Lightroom a much better choice than PicsArt, Photo Grid, and Snapseed.

A powerful photo organizing and editing software

With the Lightroom download, photos are instantly synced from your Android's photo album in a grid format. Lightroom runs smoothly on Android smartphones, but it functions better with a tablet. The program comes with gesture control, which makes it easier to declutter the workflow.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom lets you edit raw camera images. In order to perform this task, access the ‘Profiles’ section. Compared to the previous version of the software, this one shows major improvement for raw file conversions. In addition to this, Lightroom lets you explore artistic templates similar to Instagram filters.

What are the editing features?

The feature-packed image organizer comes with advanced photo editing tools that ensure better adjustments for lighting and color. With the ‘Curves’ tool, tone adjustment becomes easier, and the ‘Crop’ tool aids in auto-straightening and presetting aspect ratios. With the ‘Touch-input mode, it gets easier to leverage advanced functionalities, such as local adjustment brush, healing brush, and linear and gradient adjustments.

With Lightroom download, you can perform basic touch-ups or with advanced features, you can create complex workflows. Another handy tool is the ‘Sync’ tool that automatically syncs all photo adjustments from one photo to another. This tool is available in the desktop version, but unfortunately, it is not available in the Android version. This is a huge drawback when editing a batch of images as this sync tool ensures your photos have the same ‘look and feel’ but also makes the editing workflow much faster and convenient. 

Among all the features available in the image editor, gesture control is perhaps the best one. With this functionality, you can effortlessly control and maneuver over the application. Moreover, you also get access to certain sliders and areas to click, which can be easily double-tapped to view displays with metadata.

Powerful image organizer

Unlike competing titles, Adobe Lightroom supports an AI-powered search mechanism. It lets you find all kinds of images. While you can’t import VSCO images, you can still import photos from a memory card or folder. Lightroom is best known as an editing tool but helps you organize images by albums and keyword tags

With face recognition capability, Lightroom beats every other program in this field. It’s the perfect option to organize catalogs as it lets you categorize by scanning faces in the images. After editing and organizing photos in Lightroom, you can share the final output files to a disk or Adobe’s online galleries. This makes it easier to showcase your work to friends, family members, and colleagues.

In addition, the application supports syncing of files to Adobe’s galleries. You can also use the complete Creative Cloud suite, making Lightroom a good choice for image editing and organizing.

With this app, you can conveniently adjust and edit images on your smartphone. The latest version of the app makes the feature-set more powerful and gives Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Android a revamped look.


Lightroom is developed by Adobe, the leading brand when it comes to creative applications for desktops and smartphones. Like other apps and software released by the company, even this one has been extremely popular among artists around the world. The application is backed by a solid community, which can help you with numerous tips and tricks.

With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, you get access to a range of tutorials from experienced influencers and photographers. Since the advent of social media marketing, this level of exposure can be quite beneficial for budding artists, content creators, and other professionals in the field.

Who uses Adobe Photoshop Lightroom?

While most experienced artists and businesses will prefer the program’s desktop version, the Android application has become quite popular among freelancers and budding artists who need an editing tool on the go. Adobe Lightroom is a useful tool to many individuals, from Instagram influencers, wedding photographers, portrait photographers, to creative designers; they all need a powerful image organizer.

Where can you run this program?

Adobe Lightroom is available on multiple platforms such as smartphones for Android and iOS devices, and operating systems for Windows and Mac. Thus, making this photo editor a universal tool that anyone can use.

What are the drawbacks?

While Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is free, you need a Creative Cloud account. Some people also consider the limited storage space to be a deterrent. Another drawback is the lack of support for importing VSCO presets and improper synchronization of collections. However, comparing these minor drawbacks vs the benefits, the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is still more powerful than other software in this category and proves to be a preferred choice among creative users.

Cloud Storage Integration for Seamless Workflow

Adobe Lightroom offers seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud storage, allowing you to upload, download, and store your edited images effortlessly. This feature makes it easy to access your work from any device, ensuring you never lose your progress. With Adobe's cloud storage, you can collaborate with other team members and keep your projects in sync across devices.

Advanced Color Grading and Range Masking Tools 

The Android version of Lightroom includes advanced color grading tools, allowing you to control the colors in your images with precision. These tools help you achieve professional results by adjusting color balance, hue, saturation, and luminance. Additionally, the Range Masking tool enables you to make precise local adjustments, targeting specific colors or tonal ranges within your image.

Social Media Integration for Effortless Sharing

Lightroom for Android makes it simple to share your edited images directly to popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This integration not only saves time but also helps you maintain a consistent online presence. With one-click sharing, you can easily showcase your work to your followers, clients, and potential customers.

Regular Updates and Improvements

Adobe consistently updates Lightroom to ensure it remains a top choice for image editing and organization. These updates often include performance enhancements, bug fixes, and the addition of new features. By staying up-to-date with the latest version, you'll always have access to the best tools and resources to create stunning images and streamline your workflow.

Customizable Interface for Personalized Experience

Lightroom for Android offers a customizable interface, allowing you to personalize the app to suit your preferences and workflow. This feature ensures that you can easily access your favorite tools and settings, making the editing process faster and more efficient. With a tailored workspace, you can focus on creating outstanding images without getting bogged down by unnecessary distractions.

Built-in Camera with Professional Controls

The built-in camera within Lightroom for Android allows you to capture high-quality images directly within the app. This feature provides you with advanced controls such as exposure, ISO, and white balance adjustments, as well as the ability to capture RAW images. By utilizing the built-in camera, you can streamline your editing process and ensure your images are captured with the highest possible quality.

A reliable choice for editing and organizing images on Android

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a powerful image editing and organizing tool. Compared to the desktop version, the Android version is faster and more convenient to use on the go. The program comes with a simple interface, well-organized options, and comprehensive storage space. Thus, it’s one of the most efficient image editors and organizers for mobile devices.

While Lightroom is a powerful platform for devices of all kinds, it’s important to note that Adobe’s Cloud storage is quite expensive vs other alternatives. Thus, transitioning from another platform to Lightroom can be costly.


  • Comes with a simple interface
  • Supports quick sync functionality
  • Features Sensei Intelligent Search


  • Doesn’t sync collections properly
  • Doesn’t import VSCO presets

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

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